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What it means to be a Mental Health Support Worker in Supported Living & Community Outreach settings…

Many people associate Support Work with care of the elderly or residential care for people with learning difficulties. However, there are many other areas within the wider youth & adult Health and Social Care sector.


Our company is a Supported Living provider for adults and we assist service users with a wide range of support needs, including: mental health conditions; alcohol and substance addictions; learning disabilities; autism/aspergers; trauma; self-harm & suicide attempts; personality disorder, and other behaviours that challenge.

Our aim is to assist service users to develop or re-gain the greatest possible independence. Based on individual needs and Person Centred Support Planning, we offer guidance and support in the following areas:

  • Finding accommodation, keeping a clean & tidy environment and paying bills

  • Benefit applications & correspondence

  • Finances, budgeting & debt management

  • Healthy eating, meal planning & cooking

  • Physical and mental wellbeing

  • Medication management

  • Symptom & behaviour management

  • Communication & interactions with other people

  • Maintaining relationships with friends and family

  • Personal interests & hobbies

  • Trips & holidays

  • Education, skills development & employment

  • Accessing the community & use of public transport

  • Building community links

Supported Independence has given me great opportunities to work in England as a mental health support worker. Trust is a major aspect of their work with clients and service users. They recognised my hard-work and dedication working with service users by giving me an end of year award.

NR, Support worker

I appreciate the opportunity I was given to develop both professionally and personally…

I enjoy the variety of projects and challenges this job provides, and I also enjoy working alongside excellent colleagues …the support and insight my manager provides is invaluable

JF, Support worker

Job Descriptions

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Mental Health Support Worker

Bank Support Worker

Waking Nights Support Worker

Please use the 'Apply here' button to fill out an application form to be sent to the recruitment team. 

Privacy Notice: we may keep application records for all candidates for up to 3 months, and may contact you if further relevant positions come up.

Please read OUR PRIVACY POLICY for recruitment. All data requested will be used for recruitment purposes only.

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