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We offer a wide range of outreach services from a few hours to 30-40 hrs a week.

This includes helping managing bills, monitoring mental health & social interaction to those that have complex needs but who are better suited or able to live in the community. We offer these services in Bristol, BAINES, South Gloucester and North Somerset.

"Help when you need it"

We now offer a new funded service within Bristol Central and South:

The ‘Help When You Need It’ service provides short term support to people with learning disabilities, autism or mental health issues.

The work we do will focus on what each person wants to achieve, but could include support with:

  • Wellbeing and managing your mental health

  • Developing independence skills

  • Accessing information and other services

  • Staying safe

  • Managing money & benefits

Service users are able to access the phone line for

HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT  -  07736952461

between the hours of 9am-12pm.


Alternatively, referrals for this service can be sent via email


Referrals can be made by GP’s, Social workers and self-referrals are also accepted.

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