Supported Independence Testimonials


“In the two months since B joined you at Devon House he has flourished. It is wonderful to see that he is now interacting with his peers – something which he is has not done since he was at school, a number of years ago. His communication has progressed fantastically and it is great to see a young man who was nearly non-verbal, laughing and joking with staff and service users. B obviously feels comfortable in your service and his confidence has increased dramatically. B’s ability to meet his own care needs has improved significantly since his arrival at Devon House and it has been wonderful to see B gain some autonomy and independence which will benefit him greatly in the future. Your staff has understand the balance needed between helping B and allowing him to help himself. Your staff have given B the confidence to ask for support when he needs it. Before coming to Devon House, B regularly experienced such dramatic meltdowns that he had been known to damage property and there was regular police involvement. I am informed now that B has learnt to remove himself from situations that cause his anxiety and frustrate him and to manage his behaviours in an effective way. These are only a few observations I have made since October and I am confident that B will continue to flourish with Devon Houses’s support.”

-           Social Worker

“I have been coming to your unit for five years as my daughter is a resident. In all that time, the staff have been polite and caring for the concerns of the residents are their highest priority. I have never met such a dedicated team. I have and always will call them the “A Team”. Without them my daughter would not be here. This ship is run to the highest standards.”

-          Client’s Parent

“I have been here with Supported Independence for 12 years now, I’ve come such a long way in this company and I’m happily amazed and surprised on how well I’ve done and all the good, great stuff I have done in the past. Today I got up for my certificate in front of 80 people and everyone gave me a big round of applause. MS (support worker) took me in support time to the open day, my tutors  were really proud of me for being at a ceremony. The both said to MS (Support worker) how well I did. I’ve now got a car wash valeting job one day a week which I really enjoy.”

-          LS, Client

“Having responded to an emergency call to your residence this afternoon I was hugely encouraged by the helpfulness and response of your staff, particularly the duty manager. I felt compelled to also make this quick note as to the quality and practicality of your patient information sheet. It is one of the most useful I have ever used and is ideal for emergencies, as it is concise factual and contains all the correct info, meds, etc. Please do not change this, and thank you.”

‘M.Dunkley Paramedic Officer – RGN’, Medical Professional for the Emergency Ambulance Service.

“My brother has been a resident with Supported Independence at one of your units since 2011. Prior to this, he was at another of the company’s units. I visit him at least twice a week regularly and sometimes this is an in prompt visit. Whenever I visit, the staff  have always been helpful and supportive in both houses over the years. I know he has been happy and says it’s the best house he’s had. He is quite poorly at the moment and I am extremely grateful for the care and support all the staff are showing towards him.”

-          Client’s brother

 “The staff are helpful and non judgemental. The overall feeling is of a happy house. The communal area is clean and comfortable. I have found the other residents and staff to be courteous and accommodating on my many visits. The sheer relief of not having to care for R cannot be expressed adequately in a mere email. The standard of care R receives at the unit lets us, as a family have our lives back and I hope soon he will also be able to return to a normal life, thanks entirely to SE (manager) and all her amazing staff. I cannot recommend the service highly enough.”

-          Client’s parent

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything you have done to support my son. I appreciate not only the way you manage the challenges, but the way you have also embraced and supported his interest and enthusiasm for music, not many would have gone the extra mile. Although there are many ongoing difficulties, it is good to know that he is supported in all areas of wellbeing and life skills, with strategies regularly being tried. If they don’t work out no one gives in, but you keep exploring new ideas to support him, thank you for this. I am so grateful for everything you do and for your positive and professional communication”

-         Client’s parent

“It is great living here, I have so much freedom. When I need some support they are always there for me”

-               KJ, Client

“My husband and I were carers and friends to G for 3 and a half years. We are still his friends but the responsibility of looking after him has now been taken over by St Marks Church House. The team have been very good with G. Their patience and understanding has been second to none. We feel that we have left him in very capable hands. G is a lot happier than he was, which makes us happy. We are extremely pleased with the standard of care he is receiving.”

-             Client’s parent


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