Step 1 Kings Court

Kingscourt, Bishopston, Bristol is a registered care home, providing independence training for 6 young adults who are seeking to increase their level of independence through supported living. They also support a further 6 service users.

This service specialises in working with people who have:

  • Learning disabilities and:
  • Autism/asperger syndrome
  • Mild mental health problems
  • Complex needs
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Brain injury

The home is located in a great residential area with good access to local community facilities and shops. Kingscourt has a good reputation for quality care with consistently good CQC inspection reports.
Kingscourt prides itself on providing a structured, homely and caring environment, where individuals can undertake a wide range of ‘needs led’ activities. The focus of service delivery is to support service users to:

  • Improve their level of independence
  • Learn new skills and have fun
  • Build positive relationships with other people
  • Develop their self confidence
  • Fully participate in home and community based activities

Our strong focus on person centred planning enables the individuals we support to develop the emotional, practical and social skills they need to achieve greater independence. Under normal circumstances this process can take anything from a few months to a couple of years at which point clients normally move on to our supported living (step 2) services All service users can benefit from a wide range of social and educational activities including:

  • Allotment group
  • Art group
  • Creative writing courses
  • Cooking lessons
  • Dance therapy

Kings Court is also able to offer day support and respite to non-residents.