6 years ago I started with Supported Independence in Kings Court, after getting away from a rocky start in life I thought I was all washed up.

I was at Kings Court for a year and a half. I had to learn everything again from the start to get my life back into a routine until I was happy again and then I moved to Rowan Lodge, using the same routine but adding more to it.

I was at Rowan Lodge for two and a half years, I was still happy. I then went on to looking for my own flat and buying new furniture. Three months later I got a flat and started to move in, I did have a bit of a set back where I was picked on by kids, but lessons were learnt here.

To end, I have lived in my flat now for three years and I’m still happy and enjoying life now, living free and making my own choices. It’s amazing I’ve achieved all this with the help of staff. I feel my life can be a complete success from its very rocky start.