Hi, my name is Liam, this is a brief biography of my life from youth to adulthood. I was born in Amersham, Bucks, in Amersham hospital. There were a few complications after the birth. I was born with Congenital Glaucoma which in turn meant that I had to have micro surgery which gave me partial sight in my left eye. It didn’t affect both eyes so I was lucky.

I grew up in Chesham Bois, went to primary school there and went to secondary school in Rickmansworth Herts. When I left school I had a job as a data entry clerk working for a company called ICS. I left after two years and went on the free party scene! I was not partying for any reason but I believed it was my religion. After going to parties every weekend for a couple of years non stop I’d burnt myself out, therefore having to go and see a councillor for my various complaints i.e. drugs, alcohol and anything I could get my grubby little hands on.

In 1995 I went travelling in South Africa, this was great until the inevitable happened, yes you’ve guessed it, more drugs! I was sent to a hospital in Durban for a brief spell then made my way down to Cape Town. When my money ran out the thought struck me ‘Oh, I have to make my way back to Johannesburgh somehow. Somehow I ended up on the N1 motorway after spending a few nights on Table Mountain. I hitch hiked 2000km in nine days. When I got back to the uk I spent some time in a mental health unit in Wales. I then lived in Bournemouth for four years. This was great because I love the beach.

After that I moved to Salisbury in the year 2000, loved it there but alas fell ill again. This is when I spent seven years of my life going from hospital to hospital. I’ve really come full circle now as I’m living quite happily, and drug free in Bristol. I’ve started doing a course in Reiki and am going to be studying Music Tech at the local college. What I’ve come to realize is if I do great things in my life I don’t need drugs to succeed.