I first joined the company about five years ago. I was living with my mum in Mangotsfield. My social worker told me about Supported Independence and one of their houses, Rowan Lodge.

I didn’t like it at first, I felt nervous and I was worried about not fitting in. I still lived at my mum’s for a while but got support from the staff at Rowan Lodge.

After about a year I started looking for my own place. It was a difficult time as I fell out with my mum. It was quite nerve racking to move out on my own. Over time my confidence built and now I’m very happy.

In my time at Supported Independence I’ve had a few key workers. Some I’ve worked with better than others but Supported Independence have always helped me out.

In the future I’d like to continue to build up my confidence and eventually i’d like to be completely independent, perhaps get married and do more things for myself.